Awarded Finalist in Golden Orchid Photography Awards


I was excited and incredibly honored to hear that my image “Please Mum” of Endangered Mountain Gorillas photographed in the parc national des volcans in Rwanda, received an award in the final round of the Golden Orchid Photography Awards.

My image along with the other awarded finalists will all be exhibited in New York later in the year.

I truly loved this image, it was an incredible moment when I captured it. It was during my very first encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas in the wild. We had had a long and arduous trek in the rain up to the group who had ascended a long way up the slopes of their volcanic home.  When we finally came across them in a steep open valley, the sun broke through and we were bathed in the most beautiful light as we enjoyed our precious hour with them.

We had visited the Susa Group and at the time this consisted of 40 gorillas and 4 magnificent silverbacks.

The young gorillas were as fascinated by us as we were with them and this youngster was desperate to come and get a closer look but had to negotiate with his mum first, creating this great image where you can clearly see an interaction playing out between them.


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