Photographic Tours

Unfortunately due to the continued restrictions and uncertainty of regional and international travel resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. We are currently not offering any Photographic tours. If you would like to know when we re-start offering our photographic tours in the future, please subscribe to our mailing list or email us through the contact page.

In the meantime if you are able to get to Africa – we would highly recommend a trip with our good friend Edward Selfe – he is based in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia and is able to offer bespoke itineraries throughout Zambia and surrounding countries (restrictions permitting) and we know you will find yourself in the most capable of hands to achieve not just fantastic photography opportunities and instruction on how to take amazing pictures but also have the most exceptional trip with a knowledgable and ethical guide.

Edward can be reached through his website:

If you are looking for an african wildlife adventure with people passionate about the African bush, the luxury of private vehicles with expert photographic guides and the ability to set our own pace and itinerary based on the groups interests. Then this is the place for you.

Our exclusive African safaris combine superb photographic experiences and guiding in Africa’s true wilderness areas, with exceptional accommodation. We focus on helping you to truly connect to the soul of Africa so that you may capture her essence in both your heart and your images. We allow time to properly observe the wildlife, getting to know them and helping you understand their behaviour, so you can be prepared to take those memorable images. Digging deeper, sitting longer and just enjoying the opportunity to truly immerse ourselves in these ancient lands.

Conservation is always an important consideration for us so a donation has been priced in to the tours which will be given to some of the incredible small conservation charities who we have seen actively making a huge impact of the challenges wildlife faces in our world today.

We wanted to take the hassle out of travel and provide you with our expert advice and guidance by planning phenomenal itineraries then delivering our expert advice whilst on safari, ensuring that you have a fabulous time and leave with a camera full of images, a head full of wonderful memories and new friendships to last a lifetime. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a complete beginner or just someone who is passionate about wildlife and dreams of an african safari then we welcome you to join us on one of our adventures.


Photographic Tour Itineraries

8 Day Wildlife Safari in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia in association with Edward Selfe

Optional 5 Day extension to Kafue National Park.

Dates: 9th – 20th June 2019 – places available – max 6 guests

South Luangwa National Park is Renowned for being one of the greatest wildlife destinations in Africa. It retains a charm, wildness, unparalleled level of guiding and impressive density of relaxed wildlife that easily sets it apart from other reserves in Africa. The unspoilt wilderness plays host to huge concentrations of wildlife including Elephants, Hippo, Giraffe, Zebra, Lion and over 450 species of birds. It is also a prolific area for photographing Leopard. Perfect for all levels of wildlife photographer and wildlife enthusiasts wishing to immerse themselves in Africa’s beautiful wilderness.

We are offering the chance to extend the 8 day South Luangwa safari with an incredible 5 days at the beginning of the trip to explore Zambia’s truly remarkable Kafue National Park, based at the beautiful Musekese Camp in a region affectionately known as ‘Eden’. This extension promises to deliver an African safari that it is getting increasingly hard to experience and enjoy, an opportunity to really immerse yourself in and connect to a vast uninhabited landscape, where a staggering diversity of species are still able to make their home, relatively undisturbed. It promises to be like nothing you have experienced elsewhere in Africa.

Highlights include:

  • Stunning Fully inclusive camps in prime locations
  • Private Open sided safari vehicles – with maximum of 4 guests per vehicle
  • Expert professional photographic guides
  • June gives us cool mornings and crystal clear days – extending the window of good photographic light
  • Cold mornings allow predators to be more active later into the day & the opportunity to witness hunts in good light.
  • With pockets of inland water still accessible we can range and explore further afield, offering more varied scenery, wilderness and solitude, as we truly explore everything this magnificent park has to offer.
  • Beautiful light for photography and impressive sunsets in the clear blue skies characteristic of the autumn days.
  • Golden grasses and soft light make for beautiful settings to photography.
  • Very small group maximum 6 guests
  • 3 Nights Kafunta River Lodge with direct access to game rich central section of South Luangwa NP.
  • 4 Nights Lion Camp in the remote and private northern section of South Luangwa NP.
  • Extension 4 Nights in Musekese Camp in the private concession and remote region of Kafue NP known as ‘Eden’

If you would be interested in booking or would like to discuss anything about this safari or receive a brochure with the full details and tour itinerary please email us: Fiona at

or Raj at

7 day Wildlife Safari in Kuhmo Finland – Bears, Wolves and Wolverine

Dates: July 2019 – Exact dates to be confirmed – Places available – minimum of 4 guests

Our focus will be on observing and photographing wild European Brown Bears, Wolves and Wolverine in what has become one of their last remaining strongholds. No where gives us a better chance of success of seeing and photographing these animals then the base camp of the Award-winning Finnish wildlife photographer Lassi Rautiainen, using his specially constructed hides to photograph or just enjoy the spectacular wildlife of the region. Visiting in July gives us the benefit of the longest days and the most amount of daylight to give us the best chances of photographing these elusive animals.

Highlights include:

  • Private area only available to permit holders.
  • Staying at the camp of Award-winning photographer Lassi Rautiainen
  • 5 full nights in the wildlife hides included. Maximises the opportunities for photography.
  • Expert professional photographic guides.
  • All meals and transfers and activities included.
  • Very small group maximum 6 guests.

If you would be interested in booking or would like to discuss anything about this safari or receive a brochure with the full details and tour itinerary please email us: Fiona at

or Raj at

12 Day Wildlife Safari Combining the exceptional Ruaha National Park, Katavi National Park and Mahale Mountains National Park.

Dates: September 2019 – Places available – maximum of 6 guests

This is a very special safari that takes you far from the beaten track in search of the real soul of safari in one of East Africa’s most isolated and beautifully untouched wild regions. In this superlative tailor-made itinerary we use special charter flights combined with intimate small camps which offer us comfort and sophisticated simplicity, in keeping with their rustic locations, but delivering on quality guiding and service. These 12 days will deliver on stunning location, breathtaking landscapes, isolation and truly exceptional wildlife encounters, culminating with time with families of wild chimpanzees on the white sand shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Highlights include:

  • Peak Predator Activity – hopefully lions hunting buffalo.
  • Large concentrations of game around the few remaining water sources.
  • Spend time with families of wild chimpanzees in the forests of Mahale National park.
  • Iconic dry season, dusty golden light to elevate images of everyday scenes.
  • 4 nights in Ruaha National Park – home to 10% of Africa’s remaining Lions, vast herd of elephants and an amazing variety of bird life.
  • 4 nights in Katavi National Park – see burrowing crocodiles, huge pods of hippo & the largest herds of buffalo anywhere in Africa
  • 3 nights on the white sandy shores of Lake Tanganyika – imagine your very own deserted paradise island.
  • 2 Chimpanzee Treks in Mahale National Park
  • Stunning fully inclusive small intimate camps set in exceptional locations.
  • Private open sided safari vehicles – excellent for photography.
  • Very small group max of 6 guests.
  • Expert Professional photographic guides

If you would be interested in booking or would like to discuss anything about this safari or receive a brochure with the full details and tour itinerary please email us: Fiona at

or Raj at

9 Day Wildlife Safari in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia in association with Edward Selfe

Dates: September 2020 – to be confirmed – places available – maximum 6 guests

This safari makes use of camps in the Luangwa’s finest wildlife areas, which offer immediate access to the type of wildlife sightings that have made the South Luangwa famous as a hot-spot for epic predator interactions and an incredible density of game encounters.

The trip takes place in September, a prime time in the Luangwa; dry conditions have concentrated game along the river, but the light remains excellent and temperatures have not yet begun to rise too high. Over the years, many of my most memorable sightings have taken place in September.

Highlights include:

  • Carmine Bee-eater colonies nesting along the dry river banks.
  • Large concentrations of game around the few remaining water sources
  • Peak Predator activity – including lions hunting buffalo
  • Iconic dry dusty golden light to elevate pictures of everyday scenes.
  • Expert local photographic guide, supported by 2 professional photographers to offer advice and tuition.
  • Stunning fully inclusive camps in prime locations
  • Private vehicles with a maximum of 4 guests per vehicle.

If you would be interested in booking or would like to discuss anything about this safari or receive a brochure with the full details and tour itinerary please email us: Fiona at

or Raj at