Nurtured By Nature Podcast


Do you care deeply about the natural world? Have you struggled with eco-anxiety, overwhelm & despair due to the constant negative narrative about the environment & the mass depletion of biodiversity? Do you feel a sense of powerlessness & hopelessness in the face of the inaction at governmental level?

I’m on a mission to shift the conversation, searching out empowering solutions & evidence of what’s already being achieved, to restore our collective hope & remind us that we are not powerless bystanders.

At Nurtured By Nature I bring together a fascinating diversity of guests, offering their unique perspectives & guidance, as we discuss ways to marry ancient wisdom & modern culture in a synergy that enables us as a society to restore balance to our lives & environment & fully take responsibility for our role in healing our world.

I provide you with a space that you can return to for constant hope and inspiration, knowing that by coming together as a community, it allows us to amplify our impact, as we discover the tangible solutions of how we can all get involved & embrace these ideas to create a powerful movement for positive change.

Expect to hear stories & advice from authors, artists, photographers, musicians, health & wellness practitioners, incredible businesses prioritising nature, foragers, gardeners, farmers, food producers, scientists, conservationists & charities involved in habitat restoration, species protection & rewilding, & many more diverse voices, all united by our deep & abiding love for the natural world & a desire to make a positive impact.

So pull up a chair, join us in conversation & help weave these important messages into the world, whilst being empowered to make your own positive impact, to be part of the solution as we rediscover our true place in nature’s incredible tapestry.