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Nurtured by Nature Podcast

Here at Nurtured by Nature we wanted to create a heart centred community where we can help restore our collective hope for the future of the natural world. Each week we will seek out and interview inspiring individuals from across the world, who will share their positive stories to help contradict the constant negativity we are bombarded with.

Committed to Conservation

20% of every purchase is donated to support charities actively engaged in working on the ground with endangered species or committed to large scale eco-system protection and regeneration. Helping People, Helping Nature.

Strictly Limited Editions

Designed For The Discerning Art Collector. I want you to know that you are buying something special and unique, whilst also protecting your investment.

All My Artworks are sold as low number limited editions runs with certificates of authenticity. 

As a limited edition print sells its price will appreciate accordingly in the online store.

Made with Love

“Fiona’s ethos is rooted in honesty and her respect and deep love of the natural world is evident in every artwork…

There is a depth of understanding in her work and a beauty that evolves no matter how many times you look at them, there is always something extra being offered from each composition…” 


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The critically endangered African Painted Wolf (or Wild Dog) is known for it’s devotion to it’s family and their courage to stand together through good times and bad.

I would love the chance to get to know you and have you Join our PAINTED WOLF community. The prerequisites are: you must love nature and wildlife, as long as you can tick those boxes there’s a few ways you can get involved:

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My Story

After living and working in the wildernesses of Africa, I saw first hand the urgent need for wildlife conservation. I wanted to utilise my love of art and photography to help the threatened species and eco-systems that have become a part of my soul. Selling my artworks allow me to raise money for conservation but my hope is they inspire you to fall more in love with the natural world and do your part to stand beside me to help protect our world.