Collectors Views

Emma H - United Kingdom

“I have been following Fiona’s photographic journey for many years. Her ethos is rooted in honesty and her respect and deep love of the natural world is evident in every photograph.
I feel very fortunate to own 8 of Fiona’s original works, there is a depth of understanding to her photography and a beauty that evolves no matter how many times you look at them, there is always something extra being offered from each composition.
My daughter loves to hear the stories behind each image and these have fuelled her love of the natural world and her desire to make a difference and raise awareness of the plight of the many endangered species.
I was thrilled to learn that Fiona was expanding her collection to include contemporary conceptual artwork. Fi has layered images to produce unique compositions. “Dreamland giraffe” combines her original print “Future Hope” with images of the sunrise on the surface of lake malawi (golden water) & light through the forest canopy in northern Finland. Fiona’s description of this artwork speaks directly “the colouring and editing of this artwork evolved with the poignant message at heart [for the promise of hope to continue to exist we must actively take a part in righting the problems that have led to their dramatic decline], whilst it is beautiful and a celebration of this truly iconic creature, it I hope, also captures the sense that giraffe are on the verge of being restricted to dreams and fairy tales and that it is our responsibility to protect them and the natural world now before it is too late.”
In addition to the honesty and beauty of each image, Fiona’s attention to detail is evident in the finish and quality of her prints. I look forward to continuing to grow my collection of Fiona’s artwork.”

Julian F - Namibia

“Fiona’s images show her incredibly mastery and ability to capture and celebrate the magnificence of her subjects. Her images are vibrant and alive, whilst having a depth and sensitivity which often reflects the vulnerability of the species she depicts in a profound and moving way. 

The quality of her work is always exceptional and captivates everyone who sees it.”

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