Reflections in the Delta


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Reflections of Sunset in the Flood Waters, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Fine-Art Giclee Print on Canson Baryta, a 310gsm Archival Paper

Print Size: 45cm x 30cm (approx 12″ x 18″)  – with additional 1 cm printed and signed border.

This print is supplied unframed and unmounted.

LIMITED EDITION 1/30: All my prints are strictly available as low number limited edition runs. As a limited edition print sells its price will appreciate accordingly in the online store, as fewer remain available to purchase.

20% of the purchase price of your Limited Edition print is donated to the Peace Parks Foundation to help them continue their work creating a brighter future for wildlife and people in Africa.


The Story:

The Okavango Delta is the spectacular result of the Okavango (Kavango) River flowing into the Kalahari Desert. There is less than 2 metres variation in height across the delta which leads to the formation of the myriad waterways that make up the delta.

Approximately 11 cublic kilometres flow into the delta each year. The water flows continously into the delta and drains the summer rainfall from the Angolan highlands. A surge, that flows 1200 kilometres in a month occurs between March and June. It is during this time that the Okavango Delta is at its largest. Rapid transpiration and evaporation occur caused by the high temperatures in the region result in a cycle of rising and falling water levels. One of the only sources of water during the dry period the Okavango Delta attracts thousands of animals creating one of Africa’s greatest concentrations of wildlife.

It is a truly unique environment that is ever changing. It is a photographers dream and one of my most favourite and photographed places on earth, as I have spent a considerable amount of time exploring it, on foot, on horseback, by mokoro and of course by vehicle.

As the area is so flat the waters tend to seep, moving with a still surface that sometimes belies the currents that can be flowing underneath in the deeper channels in the height of the floods.

This still surface of course has a huge benefit as it creates the most incredible perfect reflections that are almost guaranteed.

This particular evening we were out on the water heading back to camp just as the sun was sinking in the sky, it dropped behind this bank of trees on the island we were camping on and created a halo of rays radiating out from behind the black silhouettes of the trees. You can’t actually see the sun as it is entirely blocked by a bow of the tree but this created for a moment the illusion that the sun was actually resting in the water & radiating the light from there. The scattered clouds bathed in orange and reflected in the flood waters below. For a brief moment the heavens are on earth all around you.


As you will probably know I donate money from the sale of all my artworks to conservation organisations. Having lived in these areas for many years and been fortunate to meet and work alongside the people and organisations working hard to protect them, not giving back to support the places that I love would be incomprehensible.

The Okavango Delta is one of my favourite places, a completely unique eco-system, dependent on the rainfall in other countries and the inflow of water from rivers that flow into the Kalahari from surrounding regions. It is for that reason that I have chosen to support the Peace Parks Foundation through the sales of this print. The Peace Parks Foundation has an incredible vision that transcends man-made boundaries. They began with the concept of transfrontier conservation areas (TFCA), defined as the area or component of a large ecological region that straddles the boundaries of two or more countries, encompassing one or more protected areas as well as multiple resource use areas. Peace Parks Foundation has been actively involved with the establishment and development of ten of the 18 TFCAs found throughout southern Africa, all of which are in various stages of development. Currently the largest Peace Park is the Kavango Zambezi (KAZA), situated in the Kavango and Zambezi river basins where the borders of Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe converge. It spans an area of approximately 520 000 km² and includes 36 proclaimed protected areas such as national parks, game reserves, forest reserves, community conservancies and game/wildlife management areas. Within this vast expanse sits the Okavango Delta. The amazing vision of the Peace Parks Foundation comes with huge challenges, not just creating cohesive relationships with multiple countries and their governments, alongside balancing private sector interests. But they have proved it is possible and they have exciting goals to continue pushing forward and impacting even more areas, forging new relationships and helping to ensure that these vast complex ecosystems and the wildlife and people that rely on them are able to thrive. If you would like to learn more about how your donation will support help or to learn more about the Peace Parks Foundation or support their work directly, you can visit their website here:


Instead of offering bulk mass-produced prints, I want you to know that you are buying something special and unique. I feel that people should purchase fine art photography prints because the artwork speaks to them and they feel an emotional connection to the print and the photographer. All my prints are strictly available as low number limited edition runs. As a limited edition print sells its price will appreciate accordingly in the online store, as fewer remain available to purchase.

This picture is printed on Canson Baryta, a 310gsm acid free pure white museum grade paper with maximum longevity, great image sharpness and amazing tonal range.

I recommend that when you receive your print that you have it properly mounted and framed by an experienced professional frame shop to ensure the maximum care and longevity of your artwork.

Should you wish to purchase a limited edition print in a different size to that listed, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote for the cost to produce the print in your desired size. I am also happy to provide quotes for framing or printing onto Chromaluxe if you would like to have your print sent to you ready for you to hang on your wall.

Reflections in the Delta

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