Colour Splash Elephant


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African Elephant, Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Fine-Art Giclee Print on Hahnemühle Photorag 308gsm Archival Paper

Print Size: 45cm x 30cm (approx 12″ x 18″)  – with additional 1 cm printed and signed border.

This print is supplied unframed and unmounted.

LIMITED EDITION 1/30: All my prints are strictly available as low number limited edition runs. As a limited edition print sells its price will appreciate accordingly in the online store, as fewer remain available to purchase.

20% of the purchase price of your Limited Edition print is donated to African Parks Network to help them continue their work creating a brighter future for wildlife and people in Africa.



This picture is meant to be playful and fun. A side to elephants that is often lost behind the sadness and horror of their species traumatic suffering at the hands of ivory poachers.

Some of my favourite stories from living in the African wilderness and getting to share that incredible place with tourists from around the world, involved the antics of elephants. They seem to have a love for water, and no matter their age, if opportunity arises they will play with a zestful enjoyment we as adults seem to have lost. I’ve sat for hours watching fully grown adult bull elephants tussling in a river, submerging with just their heads and backs above the water. They will dive and snorkel – with just the tips of their trunks up. A carefree almost childlike emersion in the pure joy of the moment.

This image was an attempt to capture that carefree side, a celebration of elephants, whilst also capturing the sense of water with the colour tones and the idea of splashing. The elephant who fitted the bill perfectly to be the base for the image, was this very handsome mature bull elephant I had photographed in Ruaha National Park in Tanzania. He had come striding across the savannah towards us and as he neared us lifted his head and flicked his trunk – a message of warning to not mess with him but the pose worked perfectly coupled with the colour splashes it gave him a sense of splashing through the puddles in a similar way to how a child would play.


It is well known and documented that elephants are in trouble. Poaching for the international ivory trade and habitat loss is bringing this species to their knees. The latest report on African elephant numbers conducted in 2016 painted a bleak picture, just 415,000 remained on the continent and their numbers had plummeted by 100,000 in the space of the previous decade, with many estimates suggesting the annual rate of decline had increased during that time. As recently as March 2021 the IUCN red list was updated for African elephants, they were recognised and assessed as 2 separate species for the first time – the more well known African savannah elephant (Loxodonta africana) was upgraded to Endangered and the rarer African forest elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis) listed as Critically Endangered.

Whilst the picture is certainly bleak there are opportunities for hope and optimism that it is possible to help this species and many others. An organisation that is helping in some of the most vulnerable parts of Africa, and protects both species of Elephant is the African Parks Network. A non-profit conservation organisation, that takes on direct responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of protected areas in partnership with governments and local communities. I have seen first hand their incredible work in Zakouma National Park in Chad. Zakouma’s elephants had been ravaged by poachers between 2002-2010. Durning this 8-year period, 4000 elephants (95% of the population) were slaughtered for their ivory. In 2010 African Parks signed an agreement with the Chadian Government and got to work to change the fortunes of this incredible place and it’s wildlife and people. In the last 11 years only 24 elephants have been known to have been poached and none have been poached since 2016!! After years of trauma the elephants have found safety and resumed breeding, the population is increasing and the future for them, all the wildlife, as well as the communities around Zakouma, who had also been terrorised by the armed rebels who desecrated their elephants, is brighter and filled with hope and possibility.

By purchasing this print, you can support incredible stories like the tale of Zakouma. I will donate 20% of the profit from every sale to African Parks to assist them in their incredible work to protect and rebuild the lives and livelihoods of some of Africa’s most vulnerable people and wildlife. If you would like to find out more about African Parks or support them directly, you can visit their website here:



Instead of offering bulk mass-produced prints, I want you to know that you are buying something special and unique. I feel that people should purchase fine art photography prints because the artwork speaks to them and they feel an emotional connection to the print and the photographer. All my prints are strictly available as low number limited edition runs. As a limited edition print sells its price will appreciate accordingly in the online store, as fewer remain available to purchase.

This picture is printed on archival grade fine art Hahnemühle Photorag paper. If you have not seen this before it a softly textured paper that gives a wonderful quality to an image, really empathising the idea of the texture you would imagine if the elephant was actually standing in front of you. It is a brilliant fine-art paper for bringing out the subtle tones and textures.

I recommend that when you receive your print that you have it properly mounted and framed by an experienced professional frame shop to ensure the maximum care and longevity of your artwork.

Should you wish to purchase a limited edition print in a different size to that listed, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote for the cost to produce the print in your desired size. I am also happy to provide quotes for framing or printing onto Chromaluxe if you would like to have your print sent to you ready for you to hang on your wall.

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Colour Splash Elephant

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