45. “Embracing The Gifts from Getting Outside Daily” with Amy Bushatz, Humans Outside

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Welcome to episode 45 of the Nurtured by Nature podcast, today I’m delighted to be joined in conversation by Amy from the Humans Outside podcast. 

In this beautiful conversation Amy shares her unorthodox journey of embracing nature, and how even when you don’t particularly consider yourself outdoorsy, it’s still possible to head outside. We talk about how she has taught herself to cultivate a relationship with the outdoors, even when it felt uncomfortable and challenging. Whilst we are now more regularly told of the benefits to our health and mental wellbeing that being outside in nature can offer, Amy shares the benefits she has experienced personally from an increase in creativity to feeling more resilient emotionally, and having better relationships as a result, to some surprising ones like being more organised in daily life and even feeling more productive. 

From committing to her own daily outdoor rituals, she has gone on to inspire many more people to make their own leaps into embracing a more outdoorsy lifestyle through her Humans Outside 365 challenge and her own Humans Outside Podcast.

This is a truly inspiring episode, as Amy offers up so much wisdom but with a full on dose of humour and humility, sharing the highs and lows of spending 20 mins outside everyday for the last 2,500 days – pretty cool right! From finding yourself a regular sit spot, to simply being reminded that we sometimes wouldn’t see things unless we are actually looking for them, like the Aurora Borealis or Northern lights, to just a gentle reminder that we need to make choices in our lives as to what we want to prioritise so that we make time for it, rather than hoping to find time for it. 

We both hope that our chat leaves you inspired to commit to being outside more and we would both love to hear from you, so make sure to follow us both on social media and share and tag us as you develop your own daily outdoor routines. 

Learn more about Amy:

Amy Bushatz is the host and producer of the Humans Outside podcast. Based in Palmer, Alaska, Amy has built a lifestyle around spending time in nature every day, no matter the weather, and encourages listeners to do the same. Amy works full time in local journalism, enjoys ultra running across her local mountains in the summer, cross-country skiing in the winter and plotting new outdoor adventures.

Listen to Humans Outside Podcast: https://humansoutside.com/podcasts/

Join The Humans Outside Challenge: https://humansoutside.com/challenge/

Website: https://humansoutside.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/humansoutside

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/humansoutside

Books Shared:

Local: A search for nearby nature and wilderness – Alastair Humphreys

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

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