28. “Awakening Resilience: Embracing the power of Diversity” with Lucy Ní hAodhagáin / O’Hagan, Wild Awake Ireland

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Welcome to episode 28 of the Nurtured by Nature podcast, today I’m delighted to be joined in conversation by Lucy Ní hAodhagáin / O’Hagan the founder of Wild Awake Ireland. 

Lucy is quite simply one of the most kind hearted, intriguing and inspiring people I have had the pleasure to meet. During our conversation she shares her journey which is beautifully woven with her love of nature. A relationship that began from a need for sanctuary from the challenges of life and has blossomed into a life where she consciously awakens a deeper relationship with the world rooted in reciprocity, reverence and responsibility in both her own life but also the experiences of the many people she works with and guides to their own remembering. 

Our conversation gently meanders through her wisdom of ancestral skills, ceremonial rites of passage and wildlife tracking and the richness these threads can bring to the tapestry of life. We also hold space for the grief and pain so many of us are experiencing in this time and celebrate the importance of looking to the richness and resilience to be found in the edges, so we can move away from polarisation towards embracing the incredible diversity of voices in  our own communities and in the natural world. 

Lucy offers up the sacred invitation to deeply listen, and witness each others stories, to find the courage to sit with the questions and challenges of our time and dream into the new world that we believe is possible, whilst remembering to trust that most people have good intentions and truly want to do something to help. 

Learn more about Lucy:

Lucy Ní hAodhagáin / O’Hagan (They/She) is the founder and director of Wild Awake Ireland, a project which seeks to rekindle ancestral life ways for cultural and ecological resilience across the island of Ireland. 

Lucy is passionate about supporting people to re-establish connection with themselves, their communities and to nature, of which we are a part. Lucy is particularly interested in rewilding and rekindling the knowledge and skills we once knew so intimately, which connect us to place.

Lucy’s interests range from ethnobotany to wildlife tracking, ancestral skills to restoring rites of passage. All while leaning into the ways in which we can collectively decolonise our relationship to the land and ourselves and be in reciprocity with life. Lucy is happiest when outside, following the trails of deer across the landscape and nibbling on what nature has to offer. 

Website: https://www.wildawake.ie/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wildawakeireland/

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Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

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