18. “Learning to Belong. How story can connect us to an inspiring future” with Erica Wheeler, Sense of Place Consulting

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Welcome to episode 18 of the Nurtured by Nature podcast. Today I’m delighted to be joined in conversation by the sensational Erica Wheeler of Sense of Place Consulting.  

During this inspiring episode we discuss how many of us find ourselves feeling out of place and uprooted at some point during our lives and why connection to the world around us is so important and how by finding a way to belong we can allow the ancestry of the places we inhabit to weave their stories into our own unique tapestries of life. 

We also challenge the concept of utilising negativity to evoke responsibility and explore the power of story to build the bridges of connection in our search for meaning that help leave a lasting imprint and inspire love and reasons to care. 

From my own experience I know it’s very easy to feel depressed by the negative dialogues we are constantly bombarded by but Erica’s wisdom is simple yet profound: “Ask yourself, does it make it better living in despair? Don’t complicate it your only job is to tune into love and express this…”

Learn more about Erica

Erica Wheeler is an award-winning singer-songwriter, a TEDx speaker, a professional development trainer and a creative mentor. As an interpretive skills trainer, she works with museums, parks, and historic sites across the US – helping staff boost their storytelling skills and hone visitor engagement techniques. She has worked extensively with the National Park and has supported 45+ sites to date. As a keynote speaker, she often talks about tourism, a sense of place, stewardship and storytelling. As a musician, she has 6 CDs to her credit. Her music has charted in the top ten on Billboard’s Gavin’s Americana Chart, and she has been interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered. Erica also runs creative writing workshops and retreats. Her framework centers around using a “sense of place” as the gateway to creativity, curiosity, belonging and identity. Throughout her career, she has helped people find and craft the stories they have inside them. Her work is dedicated to helping people find deep personal connections to places so that both people and places can thrive.

Website: https://senseofplaceconsulting.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericawheeler

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ericawheelerofficial/

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

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