8. Monday Mini Episode – Finding Comfort in Challenging Times

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Welcome to episode 8 of the Nurtured by Nature Podcast and today’s Monday Mini Episode, designed to be a little snippet of connection to kickstart your week. 

In this week’s unintentionally honest, raw, emotional, and slightly delayed episode I share from my heart how I have struggled with depression and PTSD throughout my life and how some recent challenges have led me to struggle as I come into a New Year with carrying a huge amount of uncertainty in my life. 

I share how nurturing my own relationship with the natural world  has provided me a sanctuary, where I find support and comfort, when life feels overwhelming and unmanageable. How walking and bringing awareness to the sensation of the weather on my skin helps bring me into the present moment and how the trees offer a sense of stability and a constant when the storm of life breaks around me and that sharing my challenges with the birds and the flowers offers a sense of companionship that is ultimately both comfortable and safe when you feel messy and slightly broken, but aren’t in need of being “fixed” because actually it’s ok to sometimes just simply not be ok. 

If you’re struggling with hard times, I hope that my words bring you an awareness that you aren’t alone and I invite you to find comfort in the judgement free realms of nature and also to reach out to me or others to find support. 

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