12. Monday Mini Episode – My Nature Story Part 2, Africa, Art and Conservation with Fiona MacKay

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Welcome to Episode 12, this week’s Nurtured by Nature Monday Mini Episode, designed to be a little snippet of connection to kickstart your week.

To celebrate the first month of our journey together with the Nurtured by Nature Podcast, I thought it was an appropriate time to properly introduce myself to you all.

In this week’s episode I invite you to join me as I answer the question I tend to kick off all my guest episodes with “What is your nature story? How has your relationship with nature influenced your life and how has this evolved over time?”

Having explored how nature has nurtured me in part one released last week in episode 10, in this second part of a two part answer I share more on how I feel we have a responsibility to nurture nature.

I delve into how my love of nature led me to South Africa and gave me the opportunity to live and work in the African wilderness, where I encountered Elephants for the first time and literally found myself living my childhood dream in a challenging environment but enmeshed in nature in a way I had never previously experienced.  I talk about my love of photography and how I use that to platform to raise awareness and financial donations to support charities actively involved in working in the regions and with the species I have grown to know and love. Explore

Links to organisations and ideas discussed in this episode:

Endangered Wildlife Trust – Wild Dog Expansion Project:

Giraffe Conservation Foundation – Dr Julian and Stephanie Fennessy

Aviva Rahmani, Art Activist – Trigger Point Theory

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