5. Beneath the Surface with Philippa Ross

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Welcome to Episode 5 of the Nurtured by Nature podcast. Today I’m delighted to be joined in conversation by the incredible Philippa Ross. Philippa is a self-confessed Enthusiologist, something the world certainly needs more of! Based in New Zealand, she is also a human ecologist, energy worker, writer and the force behind the Waste Not Want Not Podcast. 

During this inspiring episode we dived into her fascinating ancestral connection to the Antarctic and her love of the world’s oceans. Explored ways to turn inwards to nurture our inner environments and discussed how approaching others with humility and humbleness allows us to listen with an open heart and open mind, whilst also considering the challenges created in managing environmental issues, particularly in the world’s oceans where our boundaries and borders allow governments to shy away from their responsibilities. But ultimately found comfort in the wisdom offered by her family motto “Hope lightens difficulty”.

Learn more about Philippa:

Philippa integrated her background in psychology, with her personal experiences, love of the ocean, passion for all things Antarctica and belief in personalised learning into a role that fulfils an ardent desire to reduce the waste of our natural resources both our own human potential and our environment. She aims to help people connect and build a relationship with themselves and the world around them – to restore and regenerate the seed of potential within all of us and build a sustainable ecosystem that supports all life.

Her mission is to connect people to the energetic source within themselves –  their innate intelligence – so they understand the depth of their own value and have the courage and enthusiasm to use it to add value to the world around them. Whilst lifting up the attitude and aspirations of people towards a socially contented, compassionate society that honours the diversity of human nature and values all life and our connection to nature. Raising our energy and enthusiasm to minimise waste and maximise potential for our personal and planetary growth – the way nature intended.

Website:  https://philippaross.com/


Personal:  https://www.facebook.com/philippa.ross.18/

Business:  https://www.facebook.com/EnthusiologistandPIP/

Waste Not Want Not:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100075991457588

Listen to the Waste Not Want Not Podcast:  

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Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

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