1. Finding Our Purpose with Laura Sweet

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Welcome to Episode 1 of the Nurtured by Nature podcast. Today I’m delighted to be joined in conversation by the lovely Laura Sweet. Laura is an artist and writer based in California.  During this inspiring episode we dived into how her homeschooling created space for her and her children to gain a deeper reverence for nature. Offered up stories around our shared love of trees, discussed some of our favourite books and explored how Laura was inspired by Mary Reynolds’ “We are the Ark” to create a sanctuary for nature in her own backyard, whilst nurturing her secret addiction to buying plants.

Learn more about Laura:
Laura Sweet is an Artist and Writer living her version of a hand made life in a faraway place, north of Northern California, USA. Her work is to live sustainably in her small and mostly wild place. Taking nothing for granted, she makes the most of what is already around her. Creating with her hands keeps life curiously joyful, while writing hones her intent for humility and gratitude. Her family inspires her love to see the simple goodness in every colorful and contrasting detail. When everything is sacred, nothing is wasted.
Website: https://laurasweetstudios.com/
Instagram: @halflight_letters
Facebook: @halflightletters

Find out more about the We Are The Ark Movement:
We Are The Ark Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/804968449865497/

Authors/Books mentioned in this episode:
Mary Reynolds -We Are The Ark https://marymary.ie/
Sharon Blackie – The Enchanted Life https://sharonblackie.net/
Robin Wall Kimmerer – Braiding Sweetgrass https://www.robinwallkimmerer.com/
Clarissa Pinkola Estes – Women Who Run With Wolves https://www.clarissapinkolaestes.com/

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

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