6. Monday Mini Episode – Contribute to Conservation Through Citizen Science

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Welcome to episode 6 of the Nurtured by Nature Podcast and today’s Monday Mini Episode, designed to be a little snippet of connection to kickstart your week. 

Following on from last week’s episode about biological diversity, in this week’s episode I discuss how citizen or community science research projects provide a fun and easy way for all of us to help support nature and wildlife conservation from the comfort of our own home or on your local patch, whether that is your garden or local area.

Something to remember, is that it’s important for these organisations to know what isn’t there as much as what is, so don’t be put off from getting involved even if you don’t regularly see very many animals/birds/insects, as that’s valuable data too.

Links to some of the citizen science projects mentioned in today’s episode:

Zooniverse – People Powered Research: a world wide platform with numerous projects from researchers around the globe, looking for help with cataloguing and classifying data. Projects include but aren’t limited to those focused on nature and conservation. https://www.zooniverse.org/

UK Based Citizen Science Projects:
Mammal Society:
Mammal Mapper App: https://www.mammal.org.uk/volunteering/mammal-mapper/
Mammal Web: https://www.mammalweb.org/en/

RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch: 27th-29th January 2023

Butterfly Count: 14th July – 6th August 2023

Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels – Great Scottish Squirrel Survey

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