Woodland Fun with my Assistant

The lighting and weather today was perfect for getting out into the woods to photograph the riot of autumn colour. I had a great morning unearthing an incredible variety of different toad stalls and fungus to capture as well as trying to do justice to the amazing display the the trees were putting on.

I was lucky enough to be joined on this adventure by my faithful assistant, Molly.

She had fun racing about in the fallen leaves and leaping on me when ever the opportunity arose. She thought it was a great game when a fallen log I was resting on to take one particular shot, snapped & I ended up in a heap on the ground. This resulted in her proudly leaping atop my toppled form & surveying the distant horizons. Whilst I like to think she was merely protecting me whilst I was vulnerable, you know you hear of dogs not leaving their masters sides until help arrives, I suspect it had more to do with a better vantage point for spotting unsuspecting squirrels. If you imagine me as the log in the accompanying picture, you’ll get the idea.

Who thought the life of a photographer could be so glamorous, the good news is I saved my camera & possibly my dignity as no one was on hand to photograph this particular little comedy sketch between Molly & I.